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I want to share a new document workflow that I’ve been experimenting with over the passed thirty days. As background, I have issues being on the computer screen for long periods of time and have been a long-time fan of eInk. Also, my current company has forced me to dig through large numbers of legal documents (the litigious nature of the entertainment industry sort of boggles my mind). Out of pure necessity, I’ve been getting my own law degree over the passed year or two without the official diploma :)

So, I’m reading and taking notes on a lot of stuff.

Sony recently came out with digital paper that is a standard sized sheet of paper and it does only one thing really well – paper. All it does is replace paper, more specifically pdf files. It is the best device I’ve ever used for reading lots of long legal documents. And its the best device for taking notes on those legal documents. Now, it also has a decent browser and note taking app, but those are just extensions of the digital paper concept.

At VidAngel, we use Google Drive for document sharing and Sony Digital paper supports WebDAV for document sync. Unfortunately, Google Drive doesn’t support WebDAV, but does. So, I got a sync working with my Google Drive by connecting to my Sony Digital paper and syncing with a specific folder in my Google Drive. The magic all happens thanks to CloudHQ, which will sync all kinds of cloud services with each other.

The VidAngel team has even discovered my digital paper and asked for a shared folder so that they can put stuff onto my Sony for them to sign documents. :)

I’m really happy with the work-flow, Sony Digital Paper, Google Drive, and CloudHQ. Makes my life so much easier and makes my eyes very happy reviewing so many documents.

I know the Sony Digital Reader is pricey, but after 30 days of testing, it has been extremely worth it for me.


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