I ordered the Pixel Qi DIY kit the day after it became available (I was on a flight from Paris the day it was launched). Even with overnight shipping, because of the holiday and weekend, it only just arrived today in the mail and I’m currently typing this entry on my Acer Aspire One with a Pixel Qi screen. In the sunlight, it’s everything the hype makes it out to be and I love it.


All the guys at the office were floored by the screen in the direct sunlight.


The only issue I’m running into is that I would like to turn off the backlight at all times. I’m not sure that this is possible without different hardware. I noticed that when I installed the screen and hadn’t pushed in the connector entirely that the screen’s backlight seemed to be off. Not sure. I hope I can find a way to turn it off.


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  1. Mary Lou Jepsen on July 7, 2010 2:40 am


    Glad that you like the screen – and so pleased that you had an easy time with it. To turn off the backlight at all times on the Acer Aspire One you just unplug the 4 wire flex coming out of the PCB on the back of the Pixel Qi screen. Be very careful with this connector though, it’s a flip type connector and you can’t bend it all the way back, just to bend it to a position vertical to the board and pull out the 4 wire flex going to the LED lightbar in the backlight.

    A better solution is to hardwire a switch in on the power to the LED lightbar (this from the motherboard – this is a bit complicated). That way you can have the backlight when you want it, and turn it off the rest of the time. The reason we recommend the Lenovos and the Samsung netbooks is because they have Function Keys with built in ability to turn off the backlight when the LCD is still updated.

    Thanks for trying this out! We at Pixel Qi are trying something new shipping screens like this and so happy that it’s working for you.

    – Mary Lou

  2. Neal Harmon on August 2, 2010 12:59 am

    Thanks Mary Lou!