At first I wanted to get excited by Eric Cantor’s announcement about the YouCut program. Then I saw the dollar amounts saved and realized that a 0.017% is likely just a political pawn move. That’s like me asking all my friends to vote on how to save less than $10 for the year. While the concept sounds appealing, I would love to see budget cuts in the double digits as many Americans have had to make themselves.

I see videos like dump Reid and realize that Americans recognize that we must stop spending, but I worry that we will, as a people, run from the incumbents, only to find more of the same in a different party package from the challenging candidates. The republicrats are all alike these days. Pay close attention to Peter Schiff, Rand Paul, and those who are not career politicians.


Great article from fast company on the Standford – ditching the cubicles and going for project based work spaces. The’s grand opening was today. Thanks to Mike Levinthal’s help on Orabrush, Jeffrey and I met William Burnett in their open conference room a few weeks ago and Professor Bernard Roth gave us a tour of their building. The kinds of projects they’re working on were fascinating (pumps for under $20 to change a community for example).

The students we interviewed to help us with product design were all extremely high caliber people and product designers. Very difficult choice.

Dave Kelly, who’s a schoolmate of Mike’s, also gave us a tour of IDEO. The culture of those organizations really opened our eyes to an incredible way to set up offices. I loved how they hung their bicycles from the ceilings (sounds like the tree houses we built as kids). Thanks to Kathleen (Dave’s assistant) for helping set the interviews up for us!

We’d like to recreate something similar at the Provo Town Square or some other place with character for Orabrush. If you know of any places in the area that we could do something creative with, we’d love to know.