I’ve been searching for a replacement for my lost Kindle.  I’ve honed in on one display technology, the Pixel Qi screen, and I’m watching the outcome of the following devices:

  1. Plastic Logic Que
  2. Microsoft Currier (this one currently sounds like it most fits my life, but I’m worried it has back-light screen)
  3. Notion Ink Tablet
  4. Apple Tablet

My requirements are:

  1. Non-emitting light screen (I like Pixel Qi because it supports video and text editing so I could do all my work on it)
  2. Web browser
  3. Wi-Fi
  4. Text-editing/file system
  5. Kindle reader program (this may be optional depending on the availability of a digital library on the device)
  6. Full-text search of both books and my personal notes
  7. Pen or written input

We’ll see how the different systems stack up.  I would appreciate any insights into new options to fulfill my requirements.

I lost my Kindle on my last business trip and I’ve been super upset about it. I need my screen back for doing research because normal computer use causes me a great deal of grief. I nearly turned around and bought another Kindle, but hesitated because I believe the next wave of these products is coming out 1st quarter next year, thanks to the Pixel Qi screen that I’ve been following. I’m also hopeful that the Plastic Logic Que’s form factor will serve my purposes better than the Kindle (and I think that the reason for the profile shots of the Que are because it’s going to sport the Pixel Qi screen itself).

Yet, in the long run, if I like the Pixel Qi screen and Microsoft or Apple launch a tablet I can use for reading and for my email, I’ll probably head that route over a dedicated reader.

In the meanwhile, the wait and staring into the flashlight of my flat screen are both killing me.