Thank you Robin for letting me know that the Audible folder supports Mp3 files. Thank you Paul for the great place to find FREE Mp3 audio books.

I dream of the day when Kindle is opened up for developers and someone creates an application that combines text-to-speech, Audio books and the actual text. What a killer application for teaching my children to read. I know the technical difficulties of syncing the actor’s voice with the actual text. But one can dream :)

Mark Cuban’s recent post is extremely thought provoking and, as an avid Kindle fan/user since its launch, I believe he’s onto something for the content business. I’m saving the link here for future reference.

A friend of mine from my very own Burley, Idaho, Biff Hutchison, just won the Professional Big Air competition at the Pogopalooza in Pittsburg. I’m thrilled for him.

When Paul Allen offerred to let the first 10 entrepreneurs who contact him to run a survey on his 50 million users, I took him up on it and decided to gauge the publics awareness of pogo as a sport.

Here are the results (I’m thinking these stats will look very different over the next year as I see this sport taking off).

I’ll post the final after all 1000 responses come in…

  What do you know about pogo as an extreme sport?   (1215 responses)   September 2nd, 2009

I want a FlyBar or other stunt pogo stick 1%
I’ve heard of Pogopalooza 4%
I know some punk kids who do tricks on pogo sticks 4%
I don’t know anything about pogo as a sport 90%
I have a family member who wants or has a pogo stick for stunts 2%


Here’s a plug for FamilyLink (thanks for the survey Paul!)…

 If your business would like to run a targeted survey with our 50 million users, please contact We can provide hundreds of thousands of responses in a very short time period with demographic targeting.