I promised photos. Here are my two favorites from this morning. I measured 23 1/4 inches on our dumpster and 24 1/2 on the ground at 6am. The snow is falling only lightly now.


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At 5:15am d I woke thinking about the fact my Elder’s quorum president had called to tell me that church was cancelled. I looked outside and realized that the snow had continued to dump during the night. The trees were sagging terribly and I started wondering what the day would bring. What are possible ways to help in this storm?

All I could find were some simple after storm actions.

Does anyone know if I should be doing anything to help out in this storm or should I just sit tight?

I’m thinking about my friend, Rick Wrigley, who said last Friday when we played basketball in the morning that he might have a third of his beets out of the ground.

I found the following information on the storm via the web:

Statement as of 01:43 am MDT on October 12, 2008 … Record daily maximum rainfall set at Burley ID… a record rainfall of 0.73 inch(es) was set at Burley ID yesterday. This breaks the old record of 0.34 set in 1984. Source.

Apparently the warning continues until 6pm. I checked the radio for news. I don’t know the stations very well because I didn’t listen to the radio.

At 6am I went out and shoveled the walk, took a few photos and measured the snow on our trash bin with a golf club. I measured anywhere from 23 1/4 inches on the trash to 24 1/2 on the ground. I’ll update this with photos.

Last week, as my blood boiled when I thought of the freedoms we might loose as a result of the $700 billion transfer of power to the secretary of the treasury, I found myself reading articles, trying to understand what was happening, learning whether I could make a difference. It felt like a worthwhile thing to do, after all, the future of our country was on the line.

Then I read Seth Godin’s post on looking for an opportunity to do less, which hit home for me. I decided to write and call my senators and representatives and then forget about the housing crisis. Stop reading the articles. Stop wasting my time on something I had no power over.

Instead, I spend my time on our company and my family.

In a conversation with a good friend, he spoke of how wonderful a time this is to start a company. As the job market softens it will be easier to attract good talent to your team. He recently spoke with a technical leader in a large organization. Their research suggests that their ability to hire new programmers is going to surge in two months, not because they will have more resources, but because people will be looking for the work. He also commented that competition is so worried about their our cashflow problems and margin pressure that you have a chance to really grow if you dig in and work.

It’s a marvelous time to build a business, attract talent, stay lean and provide value to society.

So, the only reading I will be doing is studying the previous financial crashes historically to understand where is the best direction to steer our business. Did you know that the movie business thrived during the Great Depression? People needed an escape during difficult times…so they went to the movies. There are silver linings on the darkest of clouds. I thank Seth for reminding me to look at mine.


That’s what President Uchtdorf called it today. Just saying that word makes me feel better.

Thank you Bill Sali who voted against the bailout.

I’m very disappointed in Mike Simpson who voted to hand over that kind of power to the executive branch just because we’re so worried about the future of the economy.

Please contact your representative to oppose this legislation…here’s a great form letter to start from.