I admit I hadn’t studied the constitution in a half a decade when Ron Paul made it popular to study and promote true principles of freedom again. When I heard the presidential candidate promises, I asked myself, “can a president really do all that?”

“Do they even have the power to make such promises? Can they save our homes from the housing financial crisis?”

I was shocked to reread the 13 short paragraphs about the office of President again in the Constitution. Try reading it for yourself and ask yourself what we’ve created of our president. Sometimes the rhetoric seems like we want a Saviour to solve all of our problems. It kind of reminds me of a time when people wanted a king really badly, but it turned out not to be in their best interest.

We know that what Ron Paul started, he didn’t actually start, and the momentum he created will live on. I was excited to learn about BJ Lawson running for congress in North Carolina (good people live their, including my friends at LuLu). His platform demonstrates the principles of true freedom (and responsibility) to me and I encourage you to participate in Bucks for BJ whether or not you live in North Carolina.

And if you’re in a position where you can’t afford even $5 in support of Constitutional principles, take time to reread the article on the President and keep it in mind as you vote this fall.