Ever since reading this book I’ve experimented with different tools for implementing the system. The best I had found was Life Balance, but I didn’t like how it was stuck on my PDA and computer…I wanted a solution online. Leave it to John to solve my problem…his latest post gives you everything you need to start making the Getting Things Done system work for your life. Thanks John.

I’ve really grappled with my choice for President this time around (it seems like the election has entered my life a lot earlier than in previous election years). It has come down to either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul for me. I write this post to work through my thoughts, and hopefully others grappling the same issues will find these comments and help in choosing the next president.

Right now, my vote is for Ron Paul, and I’ll explain why. This post will be on reasons I’m for and against Romney.

Romney seems like he could really curb spending. He pulled it off at the Winter Olympics and as Governor, why couldn’t he do it again? I really, really like this about Romney. Running a company, I really would like to see a President who measures the need for government spending more like the need for spending when running a business. Our country needs to cut waste.

I don’t think that Romney is dishonest or inconsistent on the issue of abortion. It’s difficult to understand that with a cursory look at his change on abortion. As a Mormon, his seeming contradiction on abortion makes complete sense to me. I’ve studied his words before and after and completely understand where he’s coming from. He personally believes that abortion is wrong except in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger. He doesn’t want to rule out abortion for everyone because he wants women in the above situations to have the choice. His decision to move the pro-life route was as a result of seeing how far the pro-choice legislation had gone. This just makes sense. Sounds like someone who doesn’t want to impose his belief system on others but wants to protect the babies’ lives as well.

The flop on same sex issues bothers me a little more, but not to the point of deciding against him.

Although I really like Mitt Romney and what he did for the state of Utah, I’ve recently watch a few videos produced by him that really turn me off. First, a high-school like play on partisan politics and second a video that makes it sound like Romney is wanting to chase down the Jihadists. I want to talk about that one a little more.

I don’t think we will win chasing the terrorists. As I said before, I’m a Mormon, and in our faith, there is often comparison between terrorism of our day and Gadianton Robbers of ancient America. I’ve studied the Book of Mormon and the parallels to our time are overwhelming. The problem I have with chasing the Jihadists in their hiding places, is that when you chase them, they are going to come back stronger and they are right here with us in our government.

There are so many indications that similar things are occurring in our time with 9/11 and going after the Jihadists. From the historical perspective that this book of scripture gives me, there are two ways to win this war, preach to them or fight the battle, together, on our own turf. Different times, I know, but I think there is something we can learn from the lessons of how people dealt with the Gaddianton Robbers a few thousand years ago.

Dinner call. I’ve got to go get something to eat with my family, but I’ll post on the great things I’ve seen in Ron Paul soon. Most of my feelings come down to one point, I believe in Freedom over security and Ron Paul shares that value like no other politician I’ve seen in recent years.