How much can a website earn from 1000 page views (CPM)? It appears that it varies between $1 and $44 depending on how well you’ve learned to do it.

We have so much going on at FamilyLearn that I’ve failed to blog recent lessons we’ve learned.

First, Novell’s Open Source Technology Center has been a great fit for our company and office space starts at $0.50 on the dollar for accepted companies. Except for a terrible experience with Veracity phone systems and support (how we wish X-mission would get on iProvo!) and a desire for a few windows, the office space has given us everything we need. Commons area, fridge, free hot chocolate, diesel engine backup, data center rooms, conference rooms, an on-the-ball receptionist and just about anything else we could need.

I especially enjoy rubbing shoulders with Robert Stevens and Tim Hunt on a weekly/monthly basis. I’ve learned a lot already from both of them and look forward to getting to know the rest of the companies.

Marta, our sweet custodian, empties the garbages for us every night. She likes to go by “Tita” and our team knows how much she’s improved our surroundings over our previous crowded office in Orem. LOL.

I miss working more around my family the most…I never work from home anymore. Yet at the same time, this has the side benefit of a physical separation between work and family. I am so focused. It’s made it so much easier for me to focus on my family at home and on the company at work.