The National Center for Constitutional Studies is offering 10 DVDs of the movie A More Perfect Union
for the price of one. They’re inviting us to purchase the movie, along
with a copy of the Constitution and share them with friends and
community. I’m for helping our nation to understand its founding and
Constitution and will definitely order some copies. I encourage
everyone else to do the same. This movie about the Constitutional
Convention is extremely well done.

Cafe Hayek: Only a third of Medical Research is accurate? What about the study here? Is it in the 1/3rd wrong or 2/3rds right category?

Phil Windley’s Technometria | Beating Senator Orin Hatch

Connie featured the iMemoryBook on KUTR – AM 820,
a sister station to KSL yesterday. The interview went quickly, but my
wife says I did well. I can say that I learned alot. It’ll open up some
new publicity possibilities.

Seth, a great solution is, which helped create a logo for D & H for $260. Not a lot of time, not a lot of money, but a professional logo.

Provo’s a great place for a startup, writes business week. I agree.

1. Go to About Google Desktop Search.
2. Try to make it back to, the Google home page.

It drives me crazy! All Google’s sites seem to be self-contained and different. This one also sets the font size in stylesheets so that it can’t change sizes. Google prides themselves on their user experience. These two problems drive this user crazy.

gmail and are amazing interfaces and I love them, but
try moving from one to the other seamlessly without typing another url
into your browser. It’s a pain.

Joe has articulated how the Internet has allowed us to take a new approach to business, tapping into many small markets.

Bnoopy: The long tail of software. Millions of Markets of Dozens.

John Jonas
figured out a long time ago that more of the search engine traffic is
pointing to unique searches and that he could create ways to tap into
that traffic.

This has got me thinking how we can tap into tons of small markets with FamilyLearn.

Gizmo – A free phone for your computer