We’re back to searching for Utah Real Estate. We’d like to move into a bigger place where Michael can play in the yard. This is hard work looking for a home. We have searched from Payson to American Fork and haven’t found anything we like within our price range. I wish we could take the location of one, the interior of another, the yard of another and the creek of the last one and slap them together into one home. Oh well.

Nat has reversed engineered Amazon’s images. Fascinating how they do it.

Game of Work

goals must be:
1. Written.
2. Your own.
3. Positive.
4. Measurable and specific.
5. Stated in inflation proof terms.
6. Stated in the mosst visible terms available.
7. Made with a deadline.
8. Open to personality changes.
9. Contain an interrelated statement of benefits.
10. Realistic and obtainable.

Individual goals are the foundation of corporate human-resource development and planning.

No management by observation.
By measurement.
Winners keep track of results. Loosers keep track of reasons.

Sources of inadequate cash flow.
1. Too much inventory and other non-liquid assets.
2. Overly-high receivables.
3. Inadequate gross-profit percentages.
4. Unwillingness to implement cost-cutting measures.
5. Inappropriate compensation for the owner or key decision makers.

Scorekeeping basics:
1. Scorekeeping must be simple and objective.
2. Self-administered.
3. Offer a comparison between current personal performance, past personal performance and the accepted standard.
4. Scorekeeping should be dynamic.

spaced repetition is crucial to conditioning oneself to change attitude to change behavior to succeed.

Define the following for each position:
1. Terminal Out of Bounds (fired)
2. Operational Out of Bounds (correction)
3. Minumum performance standard
4. Safety zone – humble player and helpful coach.
5. RRRs
6. Paydirt.
7. Between MPS and Paydirt is GOMB or “get off my back.”

Create a field of play agreement.

John Bresee, co-founder of the best outdoor equipment retailer on the web, spoke at the UVEF today.
I always love to hear him speak. After the luncheon, we talked a little and he said he is really good at seeing things about three years out. His presentation riveted me every moment.


Entreprenuers who actually start business are the only ones who ever succeed.
No lottery ticket. Really easy to start, but really hard to perservere.
Split the category. Geartrader.com is going to take on a niche of eBay.com.

Checkout the following sites:
Dogfont.com woot.com

Be first in the category.
Stay focused. “We sell outdoor gear on the Internet.” No manufacturing.

Split off companies. Apparently, Sony could have had Apple’s market share
if the publishing division in Sony hadn’t crushed the possible iPod division.

Convert the highest and ship cheapest and buy cheapest.
Don’t worry about channel conflict.
Let your customer create the product.
Overlaying on google maps.

iTunes is missing the boat when they don’t open up to all musicians who want to publish their music.
Gary Hammill – the scary way is the safe way.
Google – free matching soon to come.
eBay – free auctions sites will suplant it.
Digital services that charge are begging for a beatdown.
At Backcountry Store, we hire those in our culture to write the content for our culture. Showing up is 90% of life.
-Woody Allen
Never look back lamenting about what could have been.

Don’t choose sleep over entreprenuership.

BBC has just released APIs to their content. There’s a wealth of content there, looks like a great opportunity for the republication community.

At the Utah Valley Entreprenuer Forum luncheon today, our table spoke about Internet Marketing tactics that have worked for each of us and I promised my table that I’d reference my favorite pages of Google Hacks. I’ve realized that I already blogged about Google Hacks.

I don’t agree with a couple of these, but this is an article I’ll want to reference in the future: How to be creative (long version).

“People will pay for the priviledge of working harder than they will work when they are paid.”

-Chuck Coonradt

Sasha Pachev and are going running together this morning after I studied the scriptures. I submitted this entry on my new PDA on the way to Sasha’s house. These morning runs and study bring life and joy to my day. Life is beautiful.

Apparently, Apple bumped Google out of the #1 slot in the Wired 40. I like Apple (I’m writing this on a iMac), but I never imagined they’d bump Google as the tech leader. What’s the reasoning behind this? Is Steve Jobs and the gang really that on top of their game or do we have some Apple lovers at Wired.com?

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