I have a MAC and a PC. On the PC, I use IE to use the email newsletter manager for FamilyLearn. I have Alexa installed. Last week FamilyLearn’s Alexa rankings shot up by a half million. During the week, we rearched the top 140,000. It was the week that I was editing newsletters. As soon as I stopped, the ranking started dropping until it’s down to 459,000 right at the moment.

This inspite of the fact our traffic has been booming over the last two months. I know that we have more traffic this week than last because I’ve been watching the logs. It doesn’t seem like many in the family history industry use the Alexa toolbar. I don’t know if that’s the case in other industries, but Alexa isn’t reflecting FamilyLearn’s growth very well. I realize that this is a rank against other traffic, but I’m skeptical about trusting the results for family history users. I’m guessing only the most technical or business minded even care about the Alexa toolbar.


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