Now this development I like. Google has released their index for video and I can search for the information the TV has to offer without taking time to watch it.

Apparently, Google is releasing an API for AdWords. This is a big deal. Lots of potential to automate advertising. I foresee many business building up around this API.

Elder Winkle spoke at Stake conference this morning and cited some statistics about the growing hispanic population in Utah.

1985 – 35,000
1995 – 45,000
2005 – 270,000

The question is, what brings all these people to Utah? Many would assume it’s because they’re members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but, to my surprise, only 8 percent of these people are members of the Mormon church.

Rather exciting. I love these people because of my association with them while serving a mission in Coahuila, Durango and Zacatecas in Mexico.

Yesterday I had my inspection done at C & A Auto. The place, though slightly older and out of shape, was run well and they had me in and out very quickly. Hispanic run and owned businesses are popping up everywhere.

Though my neighborhood doesn’t have very many hispanic families, there must be someway to become better friends with this growing group of people. I feel like we’re living in two separate worlds and I don’t like it. These folks took such good care of me when I was in Mexico and I feel it’s my privledge to reach out to them as they come to Utah.

Meg Brady spearheaded a program to record the life stories of Utahns and has founded an organization called YourStory. You can be interviewed for $10 and walk away with a CDROM of your interview. You can also submit the interview to the Library of Congress.

Google has developed a way to stop content spamming, but it sounds like throwing out the baby with the bath water. Links are good. They tell us about content that’s important. I don’t like the approach personally.

I too want to be rid of content spamming, but at what price? I think removing blog comments altogether seems like too high a price.

I really like what Bob Young is doing with LuLu. It’s an innovative print on demand company. It really opens doors for authors to share their works on a small scale before heading to the offset press. They explicitly call themselves a technology company and NOT a publishing company.

The idea is picking up momentum. I’m seeing many companies popping up with publish on demand businesses. Some of them are rip off companies luring authors who think they’ll get some marketing out of it (they do print books, but they can’t get a book to succeed through their efforts). Others are legitimate

Print on demand has really begun to interest me as we’ve developed our popular Unforgettable Biography giving people a powerful way to write a biography online.

It’s a perfect time to be alive. Even as we developed the product, hard bound books on a small scale became available in Utah and we were one of the company’s first clients.

After a nice weekend with my family in Idaho, I reviewed traffic statistics for FamilyLearn and the number of new members shot above average, even doubled. After doing a little research about where the traffic originated, I discovered MSN has made their beta search engine live. FamilyLearn holds top positions for family tree and family history on beta MSN and the traffic has begun to pour in. Thank you MSN. We appreciate it.

Yahoo just released Desktop search to compete with Google. It seems to be based on X1 but it’s free.

About a year ago, I heard the founder of speak and really liked his business model for logos. He realized that most people pay a designer or firm to do their logo or website and when they don’t like the outcome, the same artist does the second draft. What if you don’t like the artist’s style? It doesn’t matter how many drafts you do.

LogoWorks gives you drafts from different artists with different styles. You choose which style you like. He’s expanding into websites. I’ve used their services for different projects and they’ve always done a good job (I can’t believe they’ve managed to do it for $265).

When I posted about MSN and Inknomi liking FamilyLearn, I really thought things were a fluke and that the site would quickly drop in rankings. On the contrary, it just got better. We’ll enjoy this while it lasts.
FamilyLearn moves to the top for Family History.