I’ve been using SendStudio lately on a project for WorldHistory.com and I’ve really enjoyed it. Simple. Easy to use. Adequate tracking. It’s a decent value. They have an affiliate program set up on ShareASale.com.

I easily switched from bblog to WordPress with a script and some .htaccess tricks that made it so none of my links are broken. I’m liking the WordPress features and look much better.

Well, I wondered how Google did it, here’s how.

Recently, Inktomi seems to be treating us well and has given us first page results for “how to make a family tree” (MSN | Yahoo), “making a family tree” (MSN | Yahoo), “create a family tree” (MSN | Yahoo), and “build a family tree” (MSN | Yahoo).

How do I know Inktomi likes us? Well, their spider collects content for Yahoo Search and MSN Search. Take a look at the searches above in those search engines. Thank you Inktomi for the traffic.

They’ve also listed us on the second page for “family history”.

Even better is the new Beta MSN Search. They’ve given us the #3 position for “family history”. I’ve taken a photo of it just in case it doesn’t last:
family history results at the new BETA MSN Search

If it does last until beta becomes the MSN search engine, then we’d better buy some more servers.

You’ll notice that the pages read well for the search engines, but especially for the visitors.

I’ve heard about Google indexing TV programs, now they’re indexing libraries. Think about the educational and business opportunities that this will create. All those works in the public domain, searched instantly online, free of charge. It’s a fun time to be alive.

Google suggest uses javascript in a very useful way. I wonder how they do it?

Earlier this year, when considering buying a home in Utah, I posted a blog about an experience I had at a presentation about B.I.Y.D.S.. They offered to help me build my own house with tons of equity. It sounded very good but I wasn’t in a position to take their offer.

Later, Google did it’s job and my blog came to the top of the search results for BIYDS. That page began to draw traffic and Jeremy Firth commented on his horrible experience with BIYDS. ” Take it from one who knows: do NOT sign a contract with BIYDS. You will kick yourself every day after that.”

As others came, they commented. Steve said “I’m very glad I stubbled across your comments about BIYDS. I’ve been calling people and trying to get a feel for their company and system. I was literally hours away from signing with them.”

Now, I’m not speaking for or against any person or company, I’m just pointing out how powerful blogging can be to empower the people to inform themselves on decisions. I encourage anyone reading this to start a blog. There are a lot of free blog services out there.

I have used BigZoo since 2001, at an attractive $0.029 per minute. Though the quality wasn’t perfect, the service saved us quite a bit over those three years. They’ve announced they’re phasing out their service. We’ve been using Skpe a lot lately. Maybe we’ll switch completely to them.

Paul has posted a list of powertools for entreprenuers. I’ve use many of this list. It’s a great list and I’m posting it for future reference.

At FamilyLearn, we’re constantly progressing and adjusting our business for what people want and need. We just released a new version of the Unforgettable Biography with a beautiful, tangible component and we’re very happy about the outcome. This product will make a great gift and will help the Personal Historians in their businesses immensely.

The Unforgettable Biography has always made it easy to write a biography using the power of the Internet. Now it makes it easy to publish a biography as a gift or beautiful addition to your coffee table or bookshelf. The goal is to get it where people will learn from it.

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