This is the way to run a company. No offices. Everyone works from home. Low overhead. Lean. Fast. Responsive to the market. I like this type of business. Socialtext is making a business out of wiki software.

Look’s like Google isn’t going to wait for Microsoft to introduce their file & web search with Longhorn. They just released software to search your own computer.

John, Paul and I tested Skype yesterday and the sound quality is amazing. It felt like we were in the same room. The system allows you to call a land line for 1.7 Euro cents a minute or about 2 US cents per minute, anywhere in Europe, Canada, the USA, etc. Calling Mexico is only 8 Euro cents.

Calling another Skype user doesn’t cost anything. Neither does a 5 way conference call. This company is going to change the way the world works. As this catches on, I can see the proliferation of broadband and high speed Internet. After all, you can justify it. It’s what your long distance bill used to be when you had to pay it. I love it. The best part, how can you tax something that’s free? LOL.

Go Skype!

I didn’t know there was a MAC OS X genealogy software, but there is here:

Everyone is getting into blogging it seems. Here are the genealogy blogs for future reference:

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